5 raisons pour lesquelles les DSI choisissent Convertigo

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IT departments are facing increasing challenges to develop application, either for internal or external processes.

Discover how Convertigo's five advanced features make it a standout solution and the preferred choice of IT departments.


IT departments are facing growing challenges in meeting the diverse needs of businesses. In this context, Convertigo emerges as a leading solution, offering a unique No code / Low code approach that meets the specific requirements of professional developers while also making technology accessible to business teams. With advanced features such as complete user interface customization and sovereign hosting options, Convertigo stands out as a preferred choice for professional developers. Let's explore five reasons why IT departments choose Convertigo.

01. Unique No code / Low code duality.

By offering two interconnected studios on the same platform, Convertigo addresses the varied needs of professional developers and business teams. The Low code studio is designed for IT departments, providing 100% customization for your applications and the flexibility needed to create complex business applications. The No code Studio is specifically geared towards business teams who wish to digitize internal processes without programming skills. With this new approach, the list of requests handled by the IT department can be reduced, allowing them to focus on more strategic projects. Moreover, it strengthens the collaboration between IT and business teams, which are often seen as opposing forces.

02. Hosting flexibility.

Convertigo excels in the flexibility of its hosting options, addressing the growing concerns of businesses regarding data sovereignty. When it comes to server installation, companies have a choice between using their own "On-Premises" infrastructure or leveraging a Cloud service to host the platform. The Convertigo platform can be used in 3 different configurations: On-Premises: Companies install the platform and their applications directly in their own data centers. Convertigo Cloud: Convertigo's managed cloud is hosted on OVH Cloud, which ensures European data sovereignty requirements, particularly through its SecNumCloud certification. Customer Cloud: The Convertigo platform can be installed on any cloud thanks to our container-based technology (Docker/Kubernetes).

03. Pixel-perfect applications.

Convertigo stands out for its ability to develop pixel-perfect applications with a fully customizable UI. With its advanced tools, Convertigo enables pixel-perfect reproduction of designs from design platforms such as Figma. Developers can thus create applications that match their design specifications exactly, ensuring a faithful rendering every time. Additionally, Convertigo allows the incorporation of custom code to meet specific needs, providing total flexibility in the development process. By enabling the integration of standard code in JavaScript/TypeScript, Convertigo expands the possibilities for customization and extension of the platform's functionalities. This approach, with no limitations on application rendering, allows developers to create unique and customized user experiences that perfectly meet the expectations of end-users.

04. ‌Pricing model.

Convertigo offers a predictable pricing model based either on the number of end-users or on the usage time of applications. This approach simplifies financial management for businesses, allowing them to accurately forecast their expenses without worrying about unexpected costs. Cost predictability is particularly advantageous for growing companies or those managing tight budgets, as it helps avoid financial surprises and facilitates long-term planning.

05. Open Source.

Convertigo, developed in France, is Open Source. Open source is the only solution guaranteeing independence from a software vendor, commonly referred to as "vendor lock-in". Vendor Lock-in refers to the situation where an organization becomes dependent on a particular vendor or supplier for a product or service, and switching to a different vendor would be difficult, costly, or impractical. It can bring several issues such as security risks, higher costs or even a lack of competition in the market. By using Open Source, you have the option to continue using the platform without the software editor of that platform. You protect yourself against the following risks: Acquisition of the software editor and thus changes in licensing policy, Price changes, Deterioration of the relationship with the editor, Changes in usage standards (hosting conditions, non-support of certain integrations), Changes in security standards. Moreover, the Convertigo license is non-contaminating, allowing developers to integrate and use the platform without compromising the intellectual property of their projects. For all these reasons, Convertigo positions itself as a preferred solution for IT departments.